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Director's Message

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Director's Message

Dear Aspirants,

It brings me enormous pleasure and great satisfaction while observing the overall performance of VCLASSIC GROUP OF COMPANIES. This has been a momentous year when we have delivered and shown to the world what grit and determination can achieve.

We have set up a top-class and unique-scale MLM Company, successfully overcoming the challenges along the way and today we are delighted to present before you one of the finest MLM companies.

We have all travelled a journey together and have known the well-known “ups and downs”. You have remained steadfast loyal to the company, and Moral is thankful to all for this strong contribution.

Great Opportunities & Successes, yet Stern Challenges.

During these last 2 yrs our company performed exceptionally well although in some very difficult times.

Our challenges have not only been financial and we had to be intense at times in the fields of product quality and performance.

We can now on course to chart our own future course to reach our aim and started action to meet these challenges.

And still a great company.

Thanking You
With best wishes
Sanjiv Kushwah